Pink Amethyst Slab
Pink Amethyst Slab
Pink Amethyst Slab

Pink Amethyst Slab

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Weight 2.044 kg

18.5 x 35 cm

From Brazil

Comes with metal stand


🎀 Opens the heart

🎀 Clarity of Mind

🎀 Attracts happiness

🎀 Reduce anxiousness and fear

🎀 Discharge negative inner energy

🎀 Prevent Nightmare

Pink Amethyst has not only a pure, soft and peaceful appearance but we can also feel the powerful energy and benefit when we in close proximity to it. It brings clarity and guidance when making decisions or choosing the next step forward. If you are feeling down or stressed , the energy of Pink Amethyst can calm you down by clearing your mind of the negative energy. It opens the heart chakra to accept, receive, and give new love and relationships.

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