Apophyllite Zeolite
Apophyllite Zeolite
Apophyllite Zeolite

Apophyllite Zeolite

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Weight : 1.199kg

Length : 17 cm

Width : 11.5 cm


  • Reduce worry and anxiety
  • Cleanse the mind and body
  • Clearing emotional traumas
  • Releasing mental blocks
  • Balance emotion

Apophyllite has a high vibration and energised your entire being. It is one of the most powerful stones during meditation, it gives us the courage to be true to ourself. To combat feeling stress, meditate with apophyllite stone and you will feel your soul being energised with lightness that leaves you relaxed and calm. It brings us back back to happiness and lightness of being. A stone that bring awareness and clarity, as well as letting go of issues that no longer give you positive vibe.

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